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Holeman (Interlink Ministries)

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2022 - Updates


Stackoverflow teams - selected as an interim tool for scrum management (also for bug tracking). This is giving experience in a concrete solution that will exercise the features needed and desired for future product selection or development. It is not specifically intended for scrum management, it has several feature s that are flexible enough to allow it to effectly work. It users accounts, questions that can be used as scrum stories, the stories(questions) can be edited, The stories can be tagged, the stoires has transacton log. Tags can be used for mving a story thru the stages od product backlog, sprint backlog and completed & numbered sprints.

It is cloud based which build a dependence on the service provider. The data collected can be exported which will allow the transistion to locally control databases in the future. Their had been failures in the previously selected scrum tool, Restyaboard. Upgrading and changing the operating system dependencies have yet to correct the problems.


Found a new (to me) web site toolkit, Wt, WebToolkit.. Wt is pronounced witty. Rather than using Javascprit or PHP for coding sever side web pages, it uses C++. It works a lot like the C++ GUI toolkit, Qt.

Some of the rationale for using Wt:
  • Common development language, C++, GUI and services.
  • Actively mainatined.
  • Quality documentation.
  • Abstracts the details across browsers features.
  • Deploys stand alone or to existing web servers.
  • Single page app that supports internal URLs.
  • Release versioning, MAJOR.MIONR.BUGFIX (4.8.0).
  • Supports lynx, text based web browser.
  • Open source.
  • Main developer is responsive to issues.
  • Works with Bootstrap for styling.


My husband has been working on making it easier to find a specific missionary on the Interlink Ministries website's Missionaries page. He created Javascript code to make it possible to go directly to a person's page, rather than having to scroll through all of the missionaries in the organization. If you want the technical details, you can find that information on his Coding Out Loud Blog #19.


Got a new laptop. I have been able to use very low RAM laptops 2/4GB for over a decade. As I move to having the complete software development cycle run from home I need to move to more powerful development systems at my fingers. The easiest way today is to simply put all opf the tools in the cloud. That is how one becomes dependent upon Big Tech and their whims of whatever is the cause that they desire to promote and enforce. They have shown in the last couple of years that they can and will use this power against us. Thus the need for a new system. There have been a number of hurdles on the way but . . .

Had the previous system, a Dual Core 4GB RAB/32GB SSD Laptop for five years. This limited amoumt of memory increasingly limited the number of simultanious operations I could perform. Evem web browsing became an issue as site have increased the size of their pages.
  • New system is a Six Core 8GB RAM/512GB SSD Laptop.
  • With the increase of RAM swapping is reduced and performa has increased.
  • The increase in SSD reduces the need to juggle development files and psersonal content like photos offline when not actively being used.
  • The increase in cores improves the handling of multiple activities simultaniously.
  • I had been satified with an 11.6 inch screen. The only lower cost systems with the performance gains had larger screens. The larger 14 inch screen with a higher resolution makes displaying more windows simulatiously easier/possible in many cases.
The previous system I used just Kubuntu (Linux). Reconfigured the new system to also dual boot with Windows.
  • This allows me to work using Linux then reboot to running Windows. This allows me to use the artifacts of the task I am working w/o having to maintain a different computer and w/o having to transfer the items to a different machine.
  • There are differences in the file systems that Linux and Widows prefer to use. In order to access the files from both Linux & Windows needed to use New Technology File System (NTFS) rather than the Linux Ext4 file system. Linux can use NTFS but Windows does work with Ext4.
  • It took a bit of effort to work through a number gotchas in order to get Linux to not only read the file but to also be able to write to the NTFS file system. Once those hurdles were concurded I was able to configure file system mounting on Linux to allow all users to read and write their 'home' directory files on NTFS which is also set up now to be a local drive on Windows. Files look and behave normal, whether on Linux or Windows.


Upgraded to the KDE version of Ubuntu, Kubuntu.

Lubuntu -- Had been using a lightweight version of Ubuntu, Lubuntu.
  • The more recent versions of Lubuntu failed to allow multiple user logins. I presumed that it was a temporary bug, but it has not been addressed and has become too much of a hassle doing work-arounds. Kubuntu allows one to switch users without completely logging off.
  • I had switched to using WebDav Internet file transfers. Under Lubuntu, there were intermittent failures after a dozen or so copies which again became too much of a hassle. The switch to Kubuntu seems to have addressed this issue.


Upgraded to the KDE version of Ubuntu, Kubuntu.

Restyaboard -- With the Lubuntu upgrade earlier in the year we were able to update our Scrum management tool, Restyaboard.
  • They added some features but introduced a bug that limited its functionality. Again the hassle exceeded the benefits so we did another update, this time it was hoped that the switch to KDE would bring a solution, but instead we have got another issue with the database, preventing its use altogether.


Trying another free newsletter management service, ConvertKit.


We have been adding relevant verses to the standard side bar location on the About, News & Give pages.


We have completed the process of joining Interlink Ministries. So, we are moving into the preparation of communicating to others about the work. To this end, we are clarifying our focus. Our vision statement has been updated from:

We (I) do software development to create innovative solutions in support of the needs of those sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, using our God-given propensities and providentially acquired skill-sets. We do this in order to enable others in the body to focus on their vision for biblically-based ministries. Additionally, over the years we have also been teachers for their children. We see these as being our gifts of helps and administration. Hidden arts express God's creativity in us.

to one with the more explicit description of our area of software development:

leaving the over-reach of Big Tech for the independence of Alt Tech

As each part of the body of Christ does its work, we (I) do software development using our God-given propensities and providentially acquired skill-set for the needs of those sharing the Gospel. We do this to enable others in the body to keep their focus on their ministries -- with our focus being on enabling them to leave the over-reach of Big Tech for the independence of Alt Tech. Additionally, over the years we have been teachers for their children. We see these as being our gifts of helps and administration.


Upgraded software:

  • Lubuntu - The existing installed version of the OS had expired as it was a short term support version vs the long term support version. With our other priorities we had slipped behind. This then required a special method to get back up to date. Only with the new version could other software then be upgraded, too. There were two major OS version upgrades required to get current.
  • RestyaBoard - Upgraded from pre-release v0.6 version to a production ready v1.0 version. This has introduced a bug for some users which is in the process of being addressed.
  • TailWind CSS - This package was not able to use the old OS version which is what triggered the Lubuntu upgrade at this time. Then was able to upgrade from v2.0 to v2.2.19, but this did not get us current. V3.0 has completely new requirements that make simply using a plain old text editor for development no longer an option. Now I need to pick an IDE, Interactive Development Environment, tool to use for editing the source HTML files before taking this step.

Added new mail management system:

  • Wild Apricot


As a final step in processing into Interlink Ministries as member missionaries we have been added to the Interlink Missionaries page. When we present ourselves to others as being missionaries with Interlink Ministries, they will now be able to verify our status.

4Jan'22 Domain Name System (DNS) lookup has been failing for a long time. I had made a very poor work-a-round by sending my links for to instead. Apparently, when changed their namesever sometime ago from to they did not do a sync. The issue has been corrected and I now know how to check on the details for any such issues in the future.

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