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history - Holeman (Interlink Ministries)

Holeman (Interlink Ministries) - History
While our About page has links for an exhaustive coverage of our work, this History page is just our past ministry activities that we did before we joined Interlink Ministries.

2020 - Year In Review

Summary of the year's ministry activities, assignments, projects along with client organization and scope. - Testing and promotion of website for connecting the Body with missionaries

@9pmMinute - Prayers and social medial promotion of a time to stop and pray as a nation as we face great need, 9PM Eastern time

Hidden Art - Holeman (Interlink Ministries) - Creativity is not for the "artsy" people only, but for everyone of us to express in some way because we are created in the image of the great artist, the Creator God.

Sunday Evening Morning Hospitality - Providing eats for when we meet together as many work Sundays in Julian

AWANA / Julian Bible Club - Teaching the Word and sharing the Gospel with the children of Julian in a weekly format as a facilitator, greeter, teacher and song leader. - Customized website for Scripture-based line drawings for you to enhance or color

Vacation Bible School - Sharing the Gospel with the children of Julian as a teacher, greeter, and facilitator

This Is The Day They Give Pizza Away With Every Julian Baby - Encouraging mothers in that hectic first week - Transformed lyrics to the songs you love - The 1st Millenium genre of stories from the time of perfection and just after

The Church in Julian - Web page

Holeman Guest House - Missionary Respite Cottage in the Julian Historic District

Way Back

Past ministry activities, assignments, projects along with client organization and scope. - Custom Hillside Community Church website

Thanksgiving Dinner Outreach - to hundreds of the visitors to Julian as hostess and expeditor

Aptcp - Screen scraping report generator for College Entrance Exam Board Advance Placement (AP) Test Credit Policies for Selected Colleges [Sample Report]

FWSynch - Customized firewall synchronization utility for first of term rush of new staff and student devices

Outreach, Hospitality, Transport and Helper - For orpahange, mission, puppets minitstry at migrant camps and deaf school staff.

Scrum Master - Responsible for promoting and supporting Scrum process.

Stevedore . . . because email is not the solution, Stevedore -- DocWorker for the heavy lifting

Architect digital bill-of-materials - Simplifying and improving ad hoc design for efficient handling of audio recordings

Camp Cook - Originally an American Sunday School Union "Christian Bootcamp on a working Apple Orchard" - Custom Julian Calvary Chapel website

Translator's Workbench - Modular software tools for the translator's desktop

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