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Rationale for Interlink - Holemans

Why we joined up with Interlink

Our rationale for joining Interlink Ministries.

We have provided technical help to a number of mission and Christian organizations over the years. My first attempt to provide computer programming skills was at Explo '72. Intercristo had a booth set up where you filled out a form with info about yourself. You paid them, I think, $40. They had this data keypunched on cards and run through their database of Christion organizations looking for people. They then would send a computer printout to you.

I filled out the form and paid the money at their booth in Dallas. Some weeks later at home I got a legal sized letter envelope with nothing in it but a single sheet of green and white barred computer paper. There were a couple of lines at the top of the sheet with the headings such as Organization, Address, Phone, Position. Then the remainder of the page was blank. No one wanted/needed a math/computer programmer person for their missionary organization.

In 1981 we discovered that Wycliffe Bible Translators was using PDP-11s with RT-11 operating system which I had used in college and was using in my work at that time. Though not without effort and many bumps, they made an exception to allow us to buy one of their computers and work remotely from California. That project went until about 1984 when we donated the computer to a Wycliffe translator in Papua New Guinea.

We have created and maintained web sites such as for New Life Christian Academy Ramona, Calvary Chapel Julian, Hillside Community Church Julian, Her Tears His Feet. We have designed and developed software, such as Stevedore document management system, and product bill-of-materials database for Global Recordings Network's recordings of gospel messages. Created mobile device and personal computer registration software to supporting the secure access by students and staff to relieve the mound of manual work required at the start of each new term at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya. Also, designed and created a web scraper, APTCP, to provide the staff at RVA with a tool to help select the best subjects to teach, based upon the credits that colleges and universites give to students based upon their scores for the various advanced placement tests they take in high school. This too was handled by a process that previously required mounds of manual effort.

In attempting to pursue leads, we have found that an individual trying to come in and address technical issues may encounter a number of barriers, being perceived as outsiders. When looking into recent possibilities with JAARS, we found that they do use "outsiders" when they are part of a sending mission organization -- one whose purpose is to provide support for people like us who do not fit the normal missionary mold. The sending mission organization not only addresses the financial framework, but would also give us an organization to be part of. This would give us validity, so that we would then, not just be some random stranger walking in off the street in the eyes of a receiving mission organization, such as JAARS.

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