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2021 - Updates

As the weeks & months go by I intend to put a handful of notes, photos and graphics here. The links in each entry allow you to dive deeper if you want (especially ones with [↗]) or just ignore them for a quick skim.
14Jan'21 So the censorship has extened to Amazon and their servers where they have shut down parler.com. gab.com meets similar needs to Parler but since they host their sites on their own servers they are outside of the reach of Amazon or similar cloud services to just cut them off. Though they have had some slow responses, Gab has been adding to their server farm to address the demand of millions of new accounts and increased traffic. Additionally, Mozilla is threatening shut downs, so I have moved off of Firefox to the Gab browser Dissenter. It is a real blessing that Gab went through this conflist a few years ago so they have been working on meeting the need before it came to pass.
10Jan'21' As we are starting, we need to make choices on how to manage our work. There are a number of systems: email, contact manager, campaign management, source code control, scrum management, social media and web hosting. All of these have cloud-based service providers with easy to use entry points for deployment. The shocking step of shutting off access to social media, application stores and web browsers by many tech giants this week is an indicator that service-based technologies will likely not be available for those not part of the "woke left". The free side is being isolated. We depend upon You. We just realize it more now. Give wisdom on the technical solutions for handling our infrastructure. Raise up incredible works for Your glory.
9Jan'21 #BlackOutFriday, where social media went beyond just flagging or censoring the president's posts to shutting down his accounts, was the straw that broke the camel's back to move me to take action. Facebook threatens me if I continue to just reference the parler.com website in any more posts -- they will silence me. I have moved all of the old posts of @9pmMinute off Facebook onto julianlocals.com/9pmMinute. New posting to gab.com. Additionally, am downloading other content from Facebook in case they delete my account and pages.
2Jan'21 First pass at creating a Facebook post graphic for ergatas.org. Being the first time I have used the tools for this, there were some bumps. C.W.Holeman III gave me a remote custom tutorial on "photoshopping" using the free Linux graphics editor, GIMP. Now I can do more than just rotate, crop & scale an image. You can help support missionaries through Ergatas by Sharing or Liking the Facebook post. Not sure what Ergatas is? See more on the Ergatas About Page.
29Dec'20 I came across a computer programming coding problem website, Kattis. They have little samples to code. You pick the programming language you write your solution in. I am focusing on C++ & Kotlin these days. They start off real simple and progress in complexity. I have decided to do one each day to keep in practice and to pick up new skills. Specifically, I am going to code using C++20. Additionally, I will be adding a requirement for myself to use functional programming methods rather than imperative.
28Dec'20 Our primary rationale [↗] for wanting to join Interlink Ministries was to make it easier for other ministries who do not know us to perceive us as legit. We have been accepted [↗] by Interlink Ministries. As we are taking the first steps to go public with this, we ask for the doors to clearly open -- or shut just as clearly.
28Dec'20 I am researching to find a project/task management tool to use for keeping track of tasks whether they be technical programming issues or just things to do, such as publishing the week's newsletter. I would like it to easily support the Scrum software development methodology.
28Dec'20 A batch of lightly buttered Naan was made, packaged and delivered for the final Sunday morning meeting of 2020. We "attend" via Facebook video. Marilyn requested that they not terminate the feed at the instant the service is over but rather leave the camera on to allow the people who are present to be seen. So, not only the pastor and worship team were visible but many of the people.
27Dec'20 Tim Young is a missionary on the Ergatas.org website. He started LightSys which provides IT consulting, training, software development, and missions mobilization, to equip missions and missionaries. One of their projects was to have student interns develop apps for mission organizations. It is an Android app requested by Siberian missionaries [↗] working with the Evenki people in Russia. The Evenki language is quickly dying. The app promotes language learning for children whose heart language is Evenki. Presenting the gospel in their heart language is the follow on.
26Dec'20 I was contacted by one of our Advisory Team. He is developing a website, Ergatas.org for connecting the Church with missionaries. He asked me to do testing on the beta version. I was able to give him a number of editoral comments. Kevin is one of the few people who can handle a heavy dose of my technical opinions in a rather positive manner.
The website is ready. You can also see their Facebook page.

2020 - Year In Review

Summary of the year's activities, assignments, projects along with client organization and scope.
Ergatas.org - Testing and promotion of website for connecting the Body with missionaries
@9pmMinute - Prayers and social medial promotion of a time to stop and pray as a nation as we face great need, 9PM Eastern time
Sunday Evening Morning Hospitality - Providing eats for when we meet together as many work Sundays in Julian
AWANA / Julian Bible Club - Teaching the Word and sharing the Gospel with the children of Julian in a weekly format as a facilitator, greeter, teacher and song leader.
HerTearsHisFeet.art - Customized website for Scripture-based line drawings for you to enhance or color
Vacation Bible School - Sharing the Gospel with the children of Julian as a teacher, greeter, and facilitator
This Is The Day They Give Pizza Away With Every Julian Baby - Encouraging mothers in that hectic first week
PurplePraise.org - Transformed lyrics to the songs you love
1stMil.org - The 1st Millenium genre of stories from the time of perfection and just after
The Church in Julian - Web page
Holeman Guest House - Missionary Respite Cottage in the Julian Historic District


Past activities, assignments, projects along with client organization and scope.
JulianChurch.org - Custom Hillside Community Church website
Thanksgiving Dinner Outreach - to hundreds of the visitors to Julian as hostess and expeditor
Aptcp - Screen scraping report generator for College Entrance Exam Board Advance Placement (AP) Test Credit Policies for Selected Colleges [Sample Report]
FWSynch - Customized firewall synchronization utility for first of term rush of new staff and student devices
Outreach, Hospitality, Transport and Helper - For orpahange, mission, puppets minitstry at migrant camps and deaf school staff
Scrum Master - Responsible for promoting and supporting Scrum process
Stevedore . . . because email is not the solution, Stevedore -- DocWorker for the heavy lifting
Architect digital bill-of-materials - Simplifying and improving ad hoc design for efficient handling of audio recordings
Camp Cook - Originally an American Sunday School Union "Christian Bootcamp on a working Apple Orchard"
Julian.CalavaryChapel.org - Custom Julian Calvary Chapel website
Translator's Workbench - Modular software tools for the translator's desktop

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