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History - Holemans

2020 - Year In Review

Summary of the year's activities, assignments, projects along with client organization and scope.
Ergatas.org - Testing and promotion of website for connecting the Body with missionaries
@9pmMinute - Prayers and social medial promotion of a time to stop and pray as a nation as we face great need, 9PM Eastern time
Sunday Evening Morning Hospitality - Providing eats for when we meet together as many work Sundays in Julian
AWANA / Julian Bible Club - Teaching the Word and sharing the Gospel with the children of Julian in a weekly format as a facilitator, greeter, teacher and song leader.
HerTearsHisFeet.art - Customized website for Scripture-based line drawings for you to enhance or color
Vacation Bible School - Sharing the Gospel with the children of Julian as a teacher, greeter, and facilitator
This Is The Day They Give Pizza Away With Every Julian Baby - Encouraging mothers in that hectic first week
PurplePraise.org - Transformed lyrics to the songs you love
1stMil.org - The 1st Millenium genre of stories from the time of perfection and just after
The Church in Julian - Web page
Holeman Guest House - Missionary Respite Cottage in the Julian Historic District

Way Back

Past activities, assignments, projects along with client organization and scope.
JulianChurch.org - Custom Hillside Community Church website
Thanksgiving Dinner Outreach - to hundreds of the visitors to Julian as hostess and expeditor
Aptcp - Screen scraping report generator for College Entrance Exam Board Advance Placement (AP) Test Credit Policies for Selected Colleges [Sample Report]
FWSynch - Customized firewall synchronization utility for first of term rush of new staff and student devices
Outreach, Hospitality, Transport and Helper - For orpahange, mission, puppets minitstry at migrant camps and deaf school staff
Scrum Master - Responsible for promoting and supporting Scrum process
Stevedore . . . because email is not the solution, Stevedore -- DocWorker for the heavy lifting
Architect digital bill-of-materials - Simplifying and improving ad hoc design for efficient handling of audio recordings
Camp Cook - Originally an American Sunday School Union "Christian Bootcamp on a working Apple Orchard"
Julian.CalavaryChapel.org - Custom Julian Calvary Chapel website
Translator's Workbench - Modular software tools for the translator's desktop

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