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About Us - Holemans

I (we) do software development to create innovative solutions in support of the needs of those sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, using our God-given propensities and providentially acquired skill-sets. We do this in order to enable others in the body to focus on their vision for biblically-based ministries. Additionally, over the years she (we) have also been teachers for their children. We see these as being our gifts of helps and administration. Hidden arts express God's creativity in us.

Advisory Team

Our Advisory Team is a group of people we are accountable to. They have in-depth knowledge of our ministry plans, they form our prayer counsel, advise and give oversight to our ministry.
Gary BastianGary Bastian Gary Bastian on Linkedin

Calvary Chapel Julian↗
Misty DornonMisty Dornon

Former Mission Committee Chair
Hillside Church↗
C.W.Holeman IIIC.W.Holeman III C.W. Holeman III on Linkedin

Technical Support Engineer
Dr. Kevin HoranDr. Kevin Horan Dr. Kevin Horan on Linkedin

Software Developer
Galcom Internationa↗

Interlink Ministries

Interlink Ministries is a mission organization that provides admin services which enable us to pursue our God given vision for ministry.
Interlink MinistriesInterlink Ministries↗ Interlink Ministries on Linkedin

Our primary rationale for wanting to join Interlink Ministries↗ was to make it easier for other ministries who do not know us to perceive us as legit. We have been accepted by Interlink Ministries Nov'20.
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