C.W.Holeman II



A software development, maintenance or configuration management position, where I can work with others in the creation of quality software which may take advantage of experience in refactoring organizational & departmental processes & procedures, software applications, utilities, tools and infrastructure.

Position History

Current Software Designer/Developer Catydid
5 years Software Designer/Developer - Global Recordings Netwok - USA
1 year Software Configuration Management - Kelly IT Resources (Hospira)
3 years Configuration Management Specialist - Simpact, Inc.
5.5 yearsSenior Software Engineer - Amistar Corp.
6 yearsSenior Software Engineer - Staefa Control System, Inc.
2 yearsSenior Software Specialist - SDSU - University Computer Center
1 yearProgrammer - Compugard Corp.
1 yearJunior Programmer - Electron, Inc.


Operating Systems

Unix (Linux, Solaris), WindowsXP/NT, VMS/OpenVMS (Cluster), RSX-11M/M+ (RTOS), RT-11, VAXELN (RTOS), Windows 3.1/95/MS-DOS


Assembler (Macro-11, Z-80), AWK, C, C++, DCL, Fortran 77, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Scala, Tcl/Tk, XML, XPath, XSLT


Access Control Lists (ACL)[VMS/Windows/DCE/DFS] , Apache DCE Authentication Module for Apache , CMS , CVS , Document Object Model (DOM) , DCE/DFS DCE-Perl DFS-Perl , ISSCO/CA DISSPLA graphics , Lift (web_framework) , MMS (make) , Motif , MySQL , Perforce , Pathworks/DECnet , RDB/ELN (Database) , Software Component Model(POM)


Agile Development - scrum master
Document management system - design, develop, document & deploy
Web site and web applications - design & develop
Configuration management - design, devlop, deploy, maintain & manage
Threaded real-time applications - design, develop, enhance & maintain
Motif, X-Toolkit & X-Lib - develop products using
Real-time device drivers - design, develop, enhance & maintain
System security access control package - design & develop
User interface libraries - create & maintain
Inter-task file protection - enhance & maintain
Multi-operating system application - integrate across network
Defect reporting and tracking system - design & integrate
Software development process, procedures & standards - establish & promote
Vendor interaction issues - initiate & follow up
Customer reported bugs - resolve
User instructions - write

Applications Developed

Document Management System (Perl, inotify)
Configuration Management (automated builds, backups, documentation) FDA compliance
Web Application (Lift, JavaScript, DOM, XML, Xpath, XSLT, HTML, Apache, Perl, TCL/Tk)
Configuration Management (version & release control, defect tracking) for 100 projects, 2 to 3000 files each, across many platforms
Surface mount component placement machinery (Embedded real-time, LAN, X-Windows/Motif, relational database, internationalization) at 20,000 placements per hour
University Computer Center (Instructional & Administrative)
Monitor, control & management system for HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) & life safety with 100 to 12000 control/monitor points (Real-time distributed processing)
Revenue collection systems for toll roads & airport parking lots (Embedded and off-line batch processing)


I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from SDSU .

Chronological Position History

Modified 20-Aug'16