CW Holeman II


A software development or maintenance position, where I can work with others in the creation of quality software which may take advantage of experience in refactoring organizational & departmental processes/procedures, apps, utilities/tools/infrastructure or C++17/20 & WASM.

Position History

  Ongoing Software, Tools & Standards
 .5 year  Software Developer - Rift Valley Academy - Kenya
5   years Software Designer/Developer - Global Recordings Netwok - USA
1   year  Software Configuration Management - Kelly IT Resources (Hospira)
3   years Configuration Management Specialist - Simpact, Inc.
5.5 years Senior Software Engineer - Amistar Corp.
6   years Senior Software Engineer - Staefa Control System, Inc.
2   years Senior Software Specialist - SDSU (University Computer Center)
1   year  Programmer - Compugard Corp.
1   year  Junior Programmer - Electron, Inc.


Application Development

Operating Systems/Languages/Tools

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Operating Systems: Linux VMS/OpenVMS (Cluster) VAXELN (RTOS) RSX-11M/M+ (RTOS) RT-11 (RTOS) Solaris Windows NT Windows 3.11 MS-DOS CP/M Languages: PDP-11 Macro-11 Assember Z-80 Assember AWk C CSS C++ DCL - DIGITAL Command Language (script) Expect Fortran IV Fotran 77 Ratfor HTML JavaScript Perl Scala Tcl/Tk XML XPath XSLT Other: Apache Cevelop CVS Document Object Model (DOM) ISSCO/CA DISSPLA graphics Eclipse MMS (make) Motif MySQL Pathworks/DECnet Perforce PostgreSQL Scrum Software Tools Virtual Operating System SonicWALL WebAssembly (WASM) Access Control Lists (ACL)[VMS/WNT/DCE/DFS] CMS DCE/DFS DCE Authentication Module for Apache DCE-Perl DFS-Perl RDB/ELN (Database) Software Component Model (POM) Statistical process control



I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from SDSU .

Chronological History

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